B Mat Traveller 2mm (Long Mat)

Yamuna Body Rolling Canada


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After years of rolling on a standard mat, and running out of room: I sourced the most durable long mat I could find. Enter B Mat. 

This mat is a full 10” longer than a standard mat, and will help you stay on the ball! 

If you are buying balls, please see the package that includes the mat. 


The B MAT Traveller 2mm long is ideal for those on-the-go yogis who love a little more length. Fold or roll for easy transport, this mat allows you to take the ultimate  grippy yoga mat with you on your travels around the city or around the world



  • Superior grip

  • Durable

  • Eco-friendly

  • Anti-microbial properties

  • Oeko-Tex certified: free of harmful chemicals and safe for human use



  • 85” x 26”

  • 3.7 lbs 

  • 2mm thickness

  • 100% rubber

  • Made in Spain 



  • Clean the mat gently with water and mild detergent and rinse clean

  • Wipe dry, lay flat and allow to air dry out of direct sunlight with the logo side facing up 

  • Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasives as this can compromise the integrity of the mat surface

  • Allow the mat to dry completely before use

  • Pre or post practice, roll your mat with the logo side facing out as this will help maintain your mat’s grippiness

  • Avoid heavy sliding or movements that cause friction, as this may lead to the surface breaking down quicker