Yamuna Body Rolling Restore Series by My Body Couture

Yamuna Body Rolling Canada


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Effective exercise that feels good.


  • our bodies feel achy
  • our joints feel tight
  • we have body pain or muscle weakness
  • we don’t like exercise
  • we need to balance over-busy or overactive lifestyles

We can benefit from Yamuna Body Rolling Restore work with My Body Couture. 

Learn how to lift our mood and release tension in the hips, back, and shoulders, create space in our  joints, and tone our abdominals and legs: all wIthout stressing our joints or muscles. 

  • Increase circulation
  • improve tone
  • increase range of motion
  • align and de-stress our body and mind

These on-demand classes are perfect for anyone who has trouble holding themselves up on the ball, is rehabilitating an injury or anyone who needs a mindful, gentle but powerful healing self-care practice.

Recommended Yamuna® balls: gold and black.

$40 per month subscription 

Includes 4 brand new classes per month plus access to the back library.