Yamuna Body Rolling Class (in person)

Yamuna Body Rolling Canada


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Yesss, an in-person Yamuna Body Rolling class.

This class is a cult favorite, and I’m being a bit naughty and sharing the secret on this page.

I’m opening up registration for a few lucky folks who want to laugh, roll, feel longer and lighter and leaner, get rid of body pain, ditch aches and creaks related to desk jobs or aging, and improve their golf swing or running gait.

This is a progressive class with a friendly and casual vibe. We get to know one another while also taking rolling very seriously and approach-ably.

A few times a year, I invite new snd returning students to join the group, and this is one of them.

If you’ve been thinking about making some sustainable, practical, approachable changes in your life and you have a bit of time on Wednesday nights or if you dislike the gym and want movement to feel more homey and approachable, this might be a fit for you.

Rollll into 2024 with better posture, less pain, more mobility and sustainability, better digestion and a sense of body peace.


Please note: online credit card payments are 4% higher due to processing fees. To keep your costs down, we can do an e-transfer payment. Feel free to select the pay later option and organize an e-transfer. Otherwise, you can use the credit card option to check out.

Registration will be complete with payment. 


Balls are not included