Yamuna Body Rolling Lengthen Series by My Body Couture

Yamuna Body Rolling Canada


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Whether we are:

* a casualty of the boutique fitness craze
* want to get rid of some aches and pains
* interested in feeling amazing:

we want to experience this relaxing, restorative and supportive Yamuna Body Rolling Lengthen monthly class series with My Body Couture.

Yamuna® Body Rolling is a body sustainability practice and self-therapy. Yamuna® provides a basis for learning self-correcting routines that help realign, adjust and maintain every part of the body.

* improve range of motion
* enhance performance
* prevent injuries or breakdowns in the body.

When we experience our body’s release using Yamuna® techniques, we all seem to say the same word in describing it: WOW.

Access the WOW with this monthly on-demand subscription. New classes available weekly plus access to the back library of classes for the duration of your subscription