My Body Couture Body Sustainability Level 3

Yamuna Body Rolling Canada


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Who it’s for: people who are ready to experience somatic integration: where our movements and effort are correlated. This is suitable for someone who finds themselves in pain, is frequently in fight or flight mode, has body dysmorphia, has “tried everything” and nothing feels comfortable, is a sexual assault survivor, or lives with a lot of stress. Most commonly, we will find ourselves saying: “something just isn’t right with my body”. 

Timing: 3 hours over 6 weeks

What is included in this package: 3 one hour sessions to work with the link between emotions and our somatic patterns. 

We will use a combination of movement modalities (Yamuna Body Rolling and Critical Alignment therapy) and Compassionate Inquiry to notice, name and experience present emotional triggers, which may be rooted in our past. 

This program is designed to help you free your body of trauma that’s keeping your tissues and life stuck. 

In just three sessions, you will have a framework for  self inquiry that will change how you interact with others and what you notice about your body sensations as you experience heightened emotions in your life.