Foundations of pain and posture

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Fall is coming!

This fall, I’m finally launching an imperfect digital program meant to mirror the services in my studio.

After a long couple of years teaching and taking digital classes, I’m curating a program that’s designed the way I like to learn.

If you are a studio client, you already know that I offer more than choreography, corrections and exercises.

We dive into the physical literacy you were never taught in school so that you can understand not only what you are doing but also why you are doing it.

We talk about bones, muscles, fascia. And also emotions and trauma.

The focus is on self education so you have agency over your body, interception, and also an intellectual understanding of how and why we are doing what we are doing.

In studio, these services are $150 an hour for customized programming and homework.

And this fall, I’m offering a digital 7 or 14 week program, parts 1 and 2

Sept 13-Dec 13
Foundations of pain and posture
2 hours of content and education per week
Materials will include: exercises, podcasts, articles and educational videos

The launch price for this program is as follows:
14 week program: $320
7 week program: $200

We will have live practice sessions so you can integrate the work, and not just learn theory and repetitively practice on your own.

This community will be a place for you to learn, ask questions, practise together, notice changes and integrate the work.

See you in September!