Case Study Package - Save Your Feet

Yamuna Body Rolling Canada


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Donate your body to …. certification 🙂

I upgraded my 2007/2008 Yamuna Body Rolling foot training immediately prior to the pandemic, and didn’t complete my case studies over Zoom.

My pandemic is your opportunity!

If you own a set of foot wakers and the following applies to you, you are eligible to be one of 10 people chosen as a case study and receive 50% off services:

1. you have foot pain and/or bunion(s), hammertoe(s), plantar fasciatis or other foot concerns

2. you either live in Calgary OR are willing to visit for three different sessions

3. you are willing to do home practice between sessions

4. you consent to photographs and documentation required for certification

5. you are willing to purchase Foot Wakers if you do not already own them

6. you are willing to do separate sessions if you are already a studio client (reason: the time required to do paperwork and photographs).

7. you can commit to doing THREE sessions over the course of 3-4 weeks

8. understand that the session length may vary between 30 minutes and 75 minutes depending on your needs

Sadly, you are not eligible if you:

1. have had recent foot surgery

2. cannot meet me in person

3. Are unable or unwilling to dedicate home practice time

4. do not consent to photos or case study forms being competed (your name and image will not be used for any other purpose!)

Ready, willing and able to feel better, improve your feet and save some money?

The results will generally visible as well as perceptible, so you can stroll into summer with feet that feel and look more comfortable. Plus you will have a home based maintenance and improvement plan.

Click the link below to register! (Space is limited to the first 10 registrations).