My Body Couture Yin + Yamuna 8 Week Class Series (2 Hours per class)

Yamuna Body Rolling Canada


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LIVE classes at Richmond Road in Calgary


“At first I thought I wouldn’t like a two hour class as it would feel too long but I often find at the end I can’t believe it’s over already! I enjoy the Yamuna followed by Yin yoga, they both work very well together and it gives you a chance to target all the areas. The class is more casual than similar classes I have been to in the past which I think makes it more relaxed. I like that Janis has created an environment that is open and inclusive and you don’t feel out of place for being a beginner, she explains the movements well and you really learn a lot about your body. I’ve noticed big improvements in my mental health and my dodgeball teammates have mentioned that I can throw harder. My physio agrees there has been marked improvement in the symmetry of my lower body. Overall I feel great and have already signed up for another class with online instruction.”

- Leslie


I have been going to Yin yoga with Janis for several years now and all I can say is that it changed my life in so many ways! I no longer have pains in my shoulders from sitting at a computer as well as all the ‘little aches & pains‘ have disappeared.  There is an ease of movement in just going about my day that I credit to Janis and her classes.  She is a fantastic instructor that provides her participants with great informational tidbits about the body and its structure during each class.  I can’t say enough about her or the practice of Yin!” -Heidi 

“The combination of Yamuna and Yin is a match made in heaven. Over the course of two hours, I can feel my body lifting and shifting and moving and relaxing. The work is deep and allows me to really connect with my body and to hear what it’s saying.”



“I am both surprised and delighted by the changes I am seeing in my body 5 weeks into my first Yamuna Body Rolling  and Yin Yoga class. Along with improved posture, my body is more flexible, stronger and more integrated. In addition, my body awareness has increased and that has improved my ability to be  grounded.

The Yin Yoga class has added to my increased flexibility and has opened a door to deeper physical relaxation and mental calmness.

Janiss knowledgable of human anatomy and her relaxed teaching style combine to  make the classes interesting and enjoyable.“



“I love the combination of Yamuna ball rolling and Yin Yoga, it is a great combination of stretching that is an essential part of my overall body health.  Janis is fantastic at pushing us to a perfect point of effectiveness for our individual body needs.  Highly recommend this class to others.”

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