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Yamuna Body Rolling Canada


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Who it’s for: people with pain in their body, who have visited two or more practitioners (chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapy) and/or who have medical diagnoses (MRI, CT scan, etc) that didn’t discover anything “wrong”.

Timing: 3 hours over 2-3 weeks

What is included in this package: 3 one hour sessions to assess movement patterns in the body, test effective exercise-based techniques (Yamuna Body Rolling, yin yoga, Pilates, Critical Alignment therapy) against the initial movements and create a customized home program for lifetime maintenance.

Where we experience the pain is usually not where the pain is. We work together to dialogue and discover different body sensations, create new levels of body awareness, learn facts about our skeleton and muscles that we were never taught in high school, and generate improved physical function.

The goal is to develop a practitioner-free program, allowing you to be free of appointments and fees and have agency over your own body.

In just three sessions, you will have new tools that you can use to move differently for the rest of your life.

Most clients have no pain in the initial area of concern after this three session package.

Price: $450+tax

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