My Body Couture Body Sustainability Level 2

Yamuna Body Rolling Canada


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Who it’s for: people who want to move better, feel better and understand how to sustain their body. 

Timing: 12 hours over 12-15 weeks

What is included in this package: 12 one hour sessions to workshop the body (glutes, abs, shoulders, feet) and improve strength, coordination, and endurance. 

We work together to notice and name body sensations, learn about the specifics of skeleton and muscles to build individualized knowledge of how our specific body works best, and generate improved physical function to create more effective movement. 

We will do deeper work on how current and developmental emotional experiences impact our body, tissues and movement patterns. 

The goal is to create freedom and comfort in the body, plus curiosity and awareness of what effective movement feels like experientally.

We will use a blend of techniques including: Yin yoga, Yamuna Body Rolling, Critical Alignment, Forrest Yoga, STOTT Pilates and Compassionate Inquiry to learn to truly sustain your body. 

Most clients have tools to apply to other modalities after 12 sessions, and have begun the process of thinking about movement differently. This is a fancy way of saying: your walks and workouts will be totally different! 

And you will get a customized set of exercises to do between sessions, giving you tools that you can use to move differently for the rest of your life.

Are we a Fit?

I work with people who:
✅ have pain in their body, specifically those who have no underlying medical condition that can be solved. You are an ideal candidate if you have had an MRI (or similar) and have been either told that “nothing” is wrong or that surgery is the only option
✅ have seen a physio, chiropractor, acupuncturist and not found a complete/long term solution. While I love these modalities, (and refer back and forth with these practitioners) but I work best with people who have “tried it all”
✅ have gone to the gym (or done other physical pursuits) and are exerting effort but are not generating results that make sense for those efforts

I am the best match with clients who:
✅ want to feel good in their body as a goal
✅ are open to doing mental or physical health work at home between sessions
✅ are deeply interested in the “why behind the how”: folks who are interested in generating the education and self-awareness through our work, in order to make lasting change
✅ want feedback, observations and engagement during our sessions
✅ want agency and empowerment over their own body, rather than requiring a practitioner to work with them
✅ are open to a systems approach, including engaging in any discipline that serves the goal of feeling better
✅ are willing to engage in a process that includes informed experimentation
✅ have traumas they are willing to explore if it serves their body or pain

I am not a great practitioner for those who:
❌ want a service passively done “on” them
❌ don’t want to learn or engage in interoception or undertake self-Inquiry
❌ need to sweat or do a certain discipline in order to feel like their time wasn’t “wasted”
❌ are impatient or speedy
❌ want to separate mind and body and use our time together to only work on one component
❌ need 21 day fixes
❌ want cleanses, mealplans, charts, exercise plans, checklists, or other structured pre-created plans
❌want only a specific discipline (eg - pilates, yoga, or Yamuna)
❌ have specific body goals that relate to measurements, macros, pounds.


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