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YBR Leg Routines on DVD. Create longer, leaner, freer-moving legs, while preventing injuries. The YBR leg routines will free up your stride, loosen your hips, roll away cellulite, and give you strong, well-defined leg muscles. Great for runners, cyclists, dancers and everyone whose feet hit the pavement every day. 

YBR Leg DVD teaches you how to work your hamstrings, quadriceps, adductors and Ilio-tibial band. Freeing all the muscles of your thighs and bringing balance between them you will experience a freedom of movement as your legs move out from the hips. This is a must for runners, dancers, cyclists, and for everyone who wants to keep their thigh muscles toned, aligned, long and lean. People often describe these routines as a way to iron out the legs and cellulite. We don't like to make claims like this, but it's OK if others swear by it. As you weight bear and roll through your thighs, you can actually iron out the muscles and break up congestion. If you find these results to be real in your body, please keep us posted. We love to hear about every success story.

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